Highly-evolved souls originating from other star systems, who come to Earth to help awaken humanity and ascend to a higher-vibrational reality.

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StarSeed Adventures

Star Seed Adventures specializes in VACATION CONFERENCES where we will travel the globe to some of the most mystical places on our planet!  Our conferences will focus on consciousness expansion, personal growth, manifesting positive outcomes, and raising the vibration of our entire planet.  Learn from the most beloved Star Seed Teachers and Researchers, all while exploring Earth's ancient sites and magical destinations - and most importantly, making new friends!  

StarSeed EDU

Learn more about our true star origins, our divine nature, how to activate spiritual gifts, the coming planetary changes, new financial system, and how to navigate life on Earth during these extraordinary times.  Gifted Psychics, Mediums, and Teachers will be joining us to share valuable information and techniques for healing, personal growth, and empowerment.

StarSeed Community

StarSeed Community will provide an online forum where StarSeeds can come together, create local StarSeed communities designed to raise the vibration of our planet one locality at a time.  Join us - and help make our planet a better place for all!

StarSeed Pictures

Star Seed Pictures will focus on creating film and entertainment content dedicated to enlightening humanity about the Spiritual Leaders, Healers, and Star Seeds bringing their message of truth, hope, and love to our planet.

StarSeed Store

The StarSeed Online Store will offer fun, creative, and enlightening merchandise designed for the awakened StarSeed.  We will feature one-of-a-kind designs, specialty items and gifts, and creations from other StarSeeds in our Community.  Help support other StarSeeds!  Visit our Online Store!