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Sedona Adventure Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Abby Lynn.jpg

Abby Lynn

Galactic Healing Center Experiencer & Channel

As a lifelong experiencer, Abby has always had a seat at the galactic table.  This knowledge of her higher self and consciousness strengthened her connection to multidimensional beings.  Having experienced galactic healing centers, Abby has access to an array of healing modalities. Through her Arcturian, Lyran, and Elvish connections, she channels blue light, golden light, DNA activation, and voice frequency healing.  Her mission is to be a bridge between dimensional beings and source code.  As a reiki Master, TV Producer, and journalist, Abby utilizes multiple mediums to reach people, as both a story teller and a teacher.


Matthew Mournian

Multidimensional Energy Healer

A former addiction counselor and mental health professional, Matthew has dedicated his life to helping people clear negative energies that block them from truly knowing themselves and realizing their life's purpose.  Today, Matthew is a Multidimensional Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader specializing in the clearing, balancing, and removal of negative energetic manifestations from the body.  Matthew's practice follows a 3 part protocol of tarot/spirit guide consultation, elements of hypnotherapy and then direct transmission of multidimensional healing energy to release dead energy, blocked emotion, or other physical maladies.  In cases of implantation, entity/parasitic attachment, Matthew uses an ancient Extra Terrestrial healing modality known as Scalar Toning to open and release the layers of the energy body on an unprecedented level.

Laura Van Tyne_edited.jpg

Laura Van Tyne

Remote Viewer and Author

Laura is a gifted remote viewer, speaker, and author.  She specializes in Crossing Over, Parasitic Implant Removal/Etheric Medicine, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Milab Recovery through Regression Therapy, and Soul Retrieval.  This year Laura’s focus has been the spiritual war and barriers that limit someone from accessing their highest potential.  During this experiential retreat, Laura will share how the unseen energies and entities work and affect us. We will also be practicing tools and strategies to identify, mitigate and remove those lower vibrations that seek to harm us and prevent our ascension process. 

Laura recently released her new book titled "Soul Tribe" available on 

Ivan Teller - Isolated Blue Background.jpg

Ivan Teller

Professional Channeler

Ivan Teller has been channeling aliens and angels since March 2015. His Psychic Awakening was around 2011 connecting to his guides and learning the metaphysical arts.  The first being he channeled was his spirit guide Ulysses. After that followed by a Zeta Grey by the name J-Rod. Soon after this channeling discovery. Ivan started publishing his channelings videos online.  The first beings he was connected to was Yeshua, Tall Blonde Nordic, Arcturian, Annunaki and several Archangels.  The main purpose of channeling is to assist with the ascension process by receiving messages and guidance from our galactic friends and higher selves. You can schedule a private session  with Ivan to connect to your guides, angels or galactic family. Ivan also offers a weekly webinar you can join through his website membership program.

Alexis Buck 2.webp

Alexis Rose

Schumann Resonance Researcher & Psychic

Space Weather Researcher & Psychic with a special focus on the Schumann Resonances. This information and research has saved my life over and over. I use social media to gather and share data from the public during heavy weather and to discuss the theories surrounding natural electromagnetic frequencies on our mind, body, and spirit.

Alexis also offers Guardian Training Calls through her Patreon page Ascension Diaries 


Jayse Kulesa

Cryptocurrency Coach

Jayse is a passionate seeker and advocate of spiritual, historical, cosmic, and conscious truths. Drawing connections between the physical and the metaphysical, Jayse uses his platform ‘Cosmic Origins’ to encourage alternative perspectives and to create discussion around our multidimensional capabilities and our true cosmic origins.  Jayse is also a studied cryptocurrency advocate and educator helping the metaphysical community understand and onboard into the new financial system.


Annora Mournian

Intuitive Healer, Celestial Reader, & Light Body Activator

Annora Mournian is an intuitive healer, celestial reader, light body activator, and parental consultant for raising children's awareness of the cosmic self. Annora connects to the current energy of your planetary alignment, auric field, and spirit guides. She sheds light on the internal aspects of the multidimensional self shared between others during this lifetime.

She provides tools and techniques that heal and connect to the inner self, such as the neurographica method. She facilitates the crystalline grid activation to awaken and reclaim the light body.

Annora provides consultations to families with children for brain injury, post-surgery care, and parents who strive to create an environment in their highest alignment with the cosmic self. She combines her understanding of the sensory system along with spiritual teachings.

Annora guides you to access the inner knowing and truth of your highest potential and provides transmission of subtle energies to integrate your ability to access the keys of the wisdom of Gaia.

She shares her practice in The School of Multidimensional Intuition along with Matthew Mournian. Annora seeks to provide clarity, enlightenment, and guidance to answer your questions about your current life path, relationships, and self-expansion. Reintegration of the sacred gifts our light body holds for ourselves and in service of activation for the collective.

Shevann Hill.png

Shevann Hill

Certified Reiki Healer & Angelic Universal Regression Alchemist

Shevann is an illuminated blue ray twin flame and member of the Bird Tribe. She is certified in Reiki healing as well as Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy. However, not limited to her Earthly skillset as she is also a Galactic Medicine Woman and Dreamwalker among other Galactic titles.   “We are each born with a mission and unique gift to add to this world. Mine is Love, Wisdom and Empowerment through healing. Through healing, we are activated to a remembrance that we were born for a purpose and continue on the journey with awareness, recovering memories, healing our karma, and unlocking what was once hidden from us. Each of us are divinely unique and a part of an intricate puzzle of oneness. We are All One. I appreciate your joining me on this important task of creation…because this is The Lifetime we choose to create the future we desire now! For ourselves and the generations to come!  This is truly an adventure…and Healing and Love is the key forward!  Namaste’”

Cassandra Pointing.png

Aurora Diamondheart

Tarot Reader and Intuitive

As a 13 year old girl, Aurora Diamondheart's mother gifted her a tarot deck from the local flea market, and she began offering readings to friends and family.  Over time, Aurora discovered that Tarot cards were not just pictures on card stock, but living images that would come to life, speak to her, and offer wise counsel to her clients. 

Through her Tarot readings, Aurora discovered that Spirit would bring illuminating, sacred, and transformative messages to her clients.  Questions answered...guidance given...lives transformed.

In 2017, in the midst of her own healing work, a tall, white Lyran being physically appeared to Aurora and showed her that, through her many heartbreaks, her heart had become wrapped in stone.  This being explained that through a process of merger and integration, her heart could be healed, and she would receive spiritual gifts that would allow her to assist others on their heart-healing journeys.  Since this experience, Aurora realized that Tarot tells the story of the journey of the soul - and contains codes of life paths and life choices we all walk. 

Through Tarot, Spirit can answer our questions, assist us in healing, and facilitate our spiritual growth.  Aurora would like to assist you on your path to healing and growth, and she will be available in Sedona for private readings.  

StarSeed Speakers: Team
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