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Psychic Soldier

 The Healing Retreats will be lead by Andrew Taylor.  Andrew is a certified Yoga teacher and retired U.S. Army Soldier specializing in mentoring those who are struggling with PTSD. He was enlisted in the Navy and an officer in the Army.   He has a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Louisiana. While fighting his own battle with PTSD he has been learning to develop his own intuitive gifts. He has attended many classes and workshops on meditation, tarot, and psychic development to be able to offer healing in the widest array of modalities possible.

A few years ago, Andrew had a spiritual awakening on a family trip to New Orleans.   He met a psychic who told him that she knew he was having visions and precognitions.   She brought a message from his father from across the veil.   The message was that the universe has given Andrew a gift and that he must share it.   Since that day, he has been studying and developing his own gifts to help others.  His altruistic vision has brought him to this point.

His intuitive gifts and compassionate heart allow him the ability to tune-in to those who have encountered traumatic life experiences. With a personal commitment to serving with wisdom, patience, and understanding, his greatest love lies in empowering others to live their highest potential. Andrew dedicates his time assisting others to discover their true worth so they can achieve a healthier and more positive lifestyle. 

Andrew's Passions 

"Through a deep love of learning and a desire to do no harm I have spent my days doing research to help myself and others. I do research on the latest gizmos and gadgets in a search to find what works so that I can incorporate that modality into my healing in an effort to reach more people.

Spirit is trying to communicate with us. We just have so many distractions it is hard for them to be heard. I work to reduce that complication to become a clear bridge so that I can pass on the message that spirit has been trying to tell you. I would be happy to teach you all I know so that you in turn may one day offer your hand to help another soul in need."

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Roslyn Retreat Center

$2,100 / 5 Nights


The first Retreat will be hosted at the Roslyn Retreat Center in Richmond, Virginia.  Roslyn offers a variety of meeting spaces, sleeping quarters, and dining areas, designed for your group's productivity and comfort. The spaces range in size, shape and capacity (from ten to 110 people) and can be set up specific to your group's needs. All meeting spaces include a TV with VCR/DVD player, screen, easel, newsprint and markers. Free, high-speed wireless is available throughout the campus. 

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The initial fundraising goal is $7,500.  This amount is comprised of $4,224.00 for equipment needed for the attendees of the healing retreats (see list below).  This equipment is needed for use in implementing HemiSync technology soundtracks to help break trauma loops and heal emotional distress. This equipment will be used in multiple retreats for PTSD soldiers who come through the program.  An additional $2,100.00 is needed for the Roslyn Retreat Center for a 5-night stay.  This covers food and lodging for soldiers who will attend the retreat.  Additional funding will be needed for future retreats, depending on the location and cost.  For this reason, this fundraiser is considered "ongoing," as Andrew intends to use all funds to continue to offer healing retreats at low cost (or no cost) to soldiers with PTSD.  The remaining funds raised will be used to grant free tuition of $300.00 per soldier for attendance at the retreats, for soldiers who cannot otherwise afford to attend. 

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