Laws of the Universe

Join Attorney and StarSeed Founder, Liz Lorie, as she shares her perspective on the Laws of the Universe and how they interact with our choices to create our reality.  Liz will review and discuss many of the key "Laws" which govern our dimension of existence from the unseen, energetic planes, and how we can use these Laws to create more positive outcomes in our lives and relationships.  

This class will be once each week for 8 weeks (live; and video recordings will also be available 24/7 if you can't make the live class).  There will be two 4-week sections with two-week breaks between each Section.   Each class will take approximately 1-1.5 hours, with a Q&A portion at the end of each class.  The below outline is subject to change.

PART I - Introduction to the Laws - In this 4-week section (meeting once each week - TBA) Liz will provide an overview of some of the most-talked-about Laws of the Universe, what they mean, and how they operate in our reality.  The Laws covered during this 4-week segment include the famed "Law of One" (including studies of excerpts from the Law of One book series), the Law of Free Will, the Law of Vibration, Law of Attraction, and the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), as well as less-well-known (but equally important) Laws.  Liz will also cover how many of these laws are also referenced in the Law of One, our religious texts, and "man-made" laws. 

PART II - Leveraging the Laws - In this 4-week section, Liz will journey deeper into  the Laws discussed in Part I and take a closer look at how these Laws interact with each other to shape our reality.  We will also learn ways we can recognize when the Laws are being honored or violated.  By truly understanding the Laws, and how they act in our lives, we can learn how to actually leverage them to our advantage, and to create more positive timelines in our personal lives and across the globe.

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