Cosmic Crypto

''A Private Crypto Investing group of StarSeeds guided with Coin Predications by Spirit, Spirit Guides, RV & Mediums''.  

Disclaimer; We are not financial advisors, please do your own research.

Join StarSeed Founder, Stuart Daly, as he teaches us the basics of cryptocurrencies, how to buy, securely store and sell them, and his secrets to success with cryptos!  

We are a Spiritual community Founded by Starseed EDU that help Educate & Share ideas with you on the Cryptocurrency market in a Private Telegram group & Monthly Zoom calls (recorded).

What do we do?

CC supports members on Portfolio strategies, How to Trade (simple videos), security, Coin Predications (real time voice notes).

Spirit's pick THETA made 1000% in 12 months.

Many Crypto experts are predicting that 2021 will see the biggest BOOM in cryptocurrency buying and trading!   And no doubt, electronic currency is the way of the future!  Don't miss out on the coming Crypto tsunami!  It will be Life-Changing for those ahead of the curve!

CLASS OUTLINE (Subject to Change):

TOPICS - Cryptocurrency Fundamentals - What is the Blockchain?  What is a Smart contract?  What are 1st, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen coins?  What is difference between a centralized (e.g. Binance) & decentralized (DEX) exchange?  How to watch out for Scams & Hacks.

Setting up an exchange account - Learn about the different crypto platforms, and how to set up accounts these platforms such as, Binance, coinbase, and others.  Learn how to move Fiat into these platforms so that you can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies.  

How to use external ''cold wallets'', which ones to buy, which ones to avoid.  Practice trading and transferring cryptos within and between external wallets and exchange platforms. Learn how to buy products from merchants who accept crypto, and pay friends using crypto.

Learn where the future of crypto is headed, which coins and tokens are expected to perform well in 2021, and other related topics.  This class will also include a question and answer session.

''Please DON'T MISS this paradigm shift! WE are worthy of this abundance".


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