March 10-14, 2021

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Event Calendar

  • 3/10 - Arrive and Enjoy the BEACH! 
    3/11 - OPTIONAL NASA VIP Tour
    Opening Oceanic Dedication Ceremony
  • 3/12 - Morning Speaker Presentations followed by an afternoon at the BEACH!  
    Evening Speaker Presentation followed by Poolside Social and Beach SkyWatch featuring ET Experiencer, Abby Lynn!
  • 3/13 - Morning Speaker Presentations, followed by an afternoon at the BEACH! 
    Evening Speaker Presentation followed by Poolside Social and Beach Group Activation and SkyWatch with Matthew Mournian!
  • 3/14 - Sunday FunDay!  Morning Speaker Presentations followed by Afternoon Speakers!  
    BEAM ME UP BALL (Everyone) with Dinner, DJ DHIMAS High-Vibe Music, and Dancing!
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Enjoy four days of SUN, FUN, and FRIENDS, all while taking in life-changing workshops and presentations from some of your favorite teachers and researchers.  StarSeed Adventures focuses on personal growth, manifesting positive outcomes, and raising the vibration of our entire planet.  This FABULOUS VACATION CONFERENCE will be held ON THE BEACH at the Cocoa Beach Hilton Oceanfront Resort!   YES, PLEASE!

Socialize with
Your Tribe!



StarSeed Adventures feature social events and parties so that you're also making time for what matters!  Forging new friendships with like-minded people can be one of the most uplifting gifts you will ever give to yourself - and each other! 


Here's one from your bucket list!  It wouldn't be a trip to Florida without a tour of NASA!  Come see the sheer magnitude of the giant machines that propel our astronauts into space, and learn about the history of the United States Space Program's origins.  Did we ever really go to the moon...?  You be the judge!   


There is no better place to relax, ground, and recharge, than on the beach!  And Florida is known for it's beautiful, white-sand beaches and crystal blue water.  Our Florida Adventure will be held at a fabulous Florida hotel - RIGHT ON THE BEACH!  You deserve to take a break, get out of the cold, and treat yourself!


From "America's #1 Psychic" to some of our planet's most gifted Remote Viewers and Energy Healers,
you won't want to miss this fascinating, five-day Vacation Conference in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida!

Barry Littleton
NDE and ET Experiencer

Since childhood, Barry Littleton had intense telepathy, & began having odd encounters with different beings, but he didn’t understand who, or what they were.  Some of these childhood experiences included encountering dis-incarnated people, strange playmates, & waking on ET ships. At the age of 18 his experiences became even more physical, resulting in four separate encounters that totaled about 18 hours of missing time. These experiences lead him to do a vast amount of research. He’s physically been on several different ET craft, & has seen several different types of beings. Barry has degrees in Psychology, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies from Wichita State University. For the last two decades he’s been involved in administration for “At Risk Youth”, including Cognitive Behavioral Modification, & managing aggressive behavior. In late 2010 Barry was involved in a near terminal car accident, in which he received 4 Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries & had an NDE on the way to the hospital. It is chiefly because of that accident, that he is now speaking out about Contact Experiences.

Xi EarthStar Healer

Xi Earthstar is a shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide.  Xi's star seed soul spent recent life times studying light-field genetics and creation mechanics.  Her work is supported by light technologies, accessing dimensions of reality beyond traditional styles of healing.  Xi is a ceremony facilitator, who teaches others how to access our higher consciousness and psychic capabilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and move into a Life of Purpose.

Princess Jeanee
Farsight Institute 
Remote Viewer

Trained by Dr. Courtney Brown of the world-renowned Farsight Institute, Princess Jeanee is known for her remarkably accurate Remote Viewing abilities.  Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psychic ability, transferring perceptual information across time and space. While this is a natural ability, it is normally not easy to do well without training. Our conscious minds have dominated our perceptual awareness since we were children. Remote viewing is a way to retrain the conscious mind to allow this basic and natural ability to re-surface and flourish.

Tony Rodrigues
Secret Space Program

Tony Rodrigues was abducted from his home in Michigan at the age of 10, went through a torturous MK-ultra type training program, was shipped to Peru to do intuitive work in drug running, and was then taken to Seattle where he was owned as a sex slave for a Satanic worshiping elite. He was then sold off to the Secret Space Program where he served a short time on Mars as a support soldier for Mars Colony Corp. When the Mars program was cancelled he was traded off to the Ceres Colony Corp where he lived for over a decade. He worked on German ships as repairman and eventually cargo engineer on interstellar trade missions. After twenty years, he was retuned to his bed a the age of 10.

Abby Lynn
Galactic Healing Center Experiencer & Channel

As a lifelong experiencer, Abby has always had a seat at the galactic table.  This knowledge of her higher self and consciousness strengthened her connection to multidimensional beings.  Having experienced galactic healing centers, Abby has access to an array of healing modalities. Through her Arcturian, Lyran, and Elvish connections, she channels blue light, golden light, DNA activation, and voice frequency healing.  Her mission is to be a bridge between dimensional beings and source code.  As a reiki Master, TV Producer, and journalist, Abby utilizes multiple mediums to reach people, as both a story teller and a teacher.  

Matthew Mournian
Multidimensional Energy Healer

A former addiction counselor and mental health professional, Matthew has dedicated his life to helping people clear negative energies that block them from truly knowing themselves and realizing their life's purpose.  Today, Matthew is a Multidimensional Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader specializing in the clearing, balancing, and removal of negative energetic manifestations from the body.  Matthew's practice follows a 3 part protocol of tarot/spirit guide consultation, elements of hypnotherapy and then direct transmission of multidimensional healing energy to release dead energy, blocked emotion, or other physical maladies.  In cases of implantation, entity/parasitic attachment, Matthew uses an ancient Extra Terrestrial healing modality known as Scalar Toning to open and release the layers of the energy body on an unprecedented level.


Kate Buckly
The Kate Awakening

Kate has become a prominent voice in the new wave of citizen journalists who helps people navigate the Great Awakening through her research, information sharing, and weekly live chats. She has recently co-founded We The Media which aims to connect people with trusted names in the Q movement, important news, and honest analysis. Kate hosts a live chat on her YouTube channel “The Kate Awakening” every Tuesday night at 6 pacific, where she tries to bring humor, hope, and clarity to current events, and help glean the facts from the fake news.

Ivan Teller
Professional Channeler

Ivan Teller has been channeling aliens and angels since March 2015. His Psychic Awakening was around 2011 connecting to his guides and learning the metaphysical arts.  The first being he channeled was his spirit guide Ulysses. After that followed by a Zeta Grey by the name J-Rod. Soon after this channeling discovery. Ivan started publishing his channelings videos online.  The first beings he was connected to was Yeshua, Tall Blonde Nordic, Arcturian, Annunaki and several Archangels.  The main purpose of channeling is to assist with the ascension process by receiving messages and guidance from our galactic friends and higher selves. You can schedule a private session  with Ivan to connect to your guides, angels or galactic family. Ivan also offers a weekly webinar you can join through his website membership program.  

James Gilliland
ECETI Ranch Experiencer

*May Appear Via Zoom Due to Travel Restrictions at Time of Conference.   James is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and extraterrestrial contactee.  He is recognized world-wide as the founder of the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed at His weekly As You Wish Talk Radio program on BBS draws an audience from around the world who are interested in truth and Higher Consciousness. 

John Vivanco
Remote Viewer

*May Appear Via Zoom Due to Travel Restrictions at Time of Conference.  John Vivanco began his Remote Viewing career shortly after it became declassified in 1995, and in the late 1990’s began working in a think tank called Trans Dimensional Systems (TDS) as a professional Remote Viewer. Jointly running operations for the think tank, John trained and ran teams of remote viewers on projects ranging from corporate contracts, technology acquisition, the esoteric, counter-terror for the FBI and many other fields.  As a highly skilled Remote Viewer John was called on to demonstrate the process on TV news shows during his time with TDS. From National Geographic, to the History channel, his remote viewing adventures have been showcased across many venues.  TDRV (Trans-Dimensional Remote Viewing), is an iteration of the Controlled Remote Viewing method developed by Stanford Research Institute at the request of US intelligence in the 1970's.

DJ "D"
High-Vibe DJ
Palm Beach, Florida

WORLD-CLASS HIGH-VIBE DJ Dhimas will be our DJ for the BEAM ME UP BALL!  A Modern-Day Renaissance Man, DJ D does more than just sit in front of the computer listening to music all-day.  Recently returning from an international tour, visiting Asia, Europe, and South America, including the Exclusive Annual Samsara Festival, he documented and gave presentations about spirituality, shamanism, vortex hunting, AI technology and world peace.  His DJ and producing career started in the early 90’s, where he landed his first DJ residency in the once famous Levels on Long Island, NY playing along side WKTU’s top DJ’s.  Shortly after moving to NYC to test his skills, he landed gigs with Breakbeat Science and The Cutting Room as a DJ, Producer, Engineer, Tech and Web Developer.  His former boss and mentor, David Crafa, was quoted in Billboard Magazine saying “He’s the Swiss-Army knife of the Music Industry”.

Tyler and Aaron
Journey to Truth

Tyler Kiwala is an experiencer, independent researcher and passionate disclosure activist. Most popularly known in the awakening community for Journey To Truth Podcast, hosted by himself and fellow disclosure activist Aaron Kuhn. Together they have created a platform for discussing any and all "controversial" and eye opening topics without limitations in an effort to spread awareness to the masses. 

Aaron Kuhn is a researcher and activist in the Disclosure/Awakened community. He was a devout Christian until the age of 25 when he had his "awakening". Through questioning and researching anything and everything, he came across people like David Icke, David Wilcock, Jordan Maxwell, Dolores Cannon, Project Camelot, and others. He started putting the pieces together about ETs, what's really going on on our planet, our true history, the true nature of reality, etc. After 5 years doing research in isolation, In 2017 he attended his first conference, "Eclipse of Disclosure" in Mt. Shasta, CA. The next year at the “sequel" to that conference, Dimensions of Disclosure, he met Tyler Kiwala. They shortly thereafter started the Journey to Truth Podcast and have been going strong ever since.